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Why A Digital Presence Is Essential For Your Consultancy’s Success

by constructaquote - 13 May 2017


Becoming a consultant is now a popular career choice, with so many companies in need of expert specialist advice to take their business to the next level. Whilst this is positive news for consultants aiming to generate new client leads, it also means even more competition for your consultancy business.

As a result, it’s important you take advantage of the digital platforms available to you to promote your business. Whatever your area of consultancy, whether you’re an accountant or a freelance social media expert, embracing the digital world is essential for your professional success. Professional digital platforms demonstrate to your clients you’re a genuine and trustworthy business and can be used to your advantage to promote your consultancy services. Here’s how to craft an impressive digital presence and ensure your consultancy business doesn’t fail…

  1. To promote awareness of your services

    Your consultancy services are only as good as the word of your customers. If you’re struggling to gain new clients, this could be the result of a poor digital presence. Many consultants begin working for new clients following the recommendation of a previous customer. But if you neglect to promote your consultancy business online, you could simultaneously fail to retain previous clients and attract potential future customers. Maintaining a digital presence should therefore be one of your top business priorities.

    You should utilise your company website and social media platforms to regularly promote your current services and refine your brand’s image. Regular updates keep your followers engaged and interested in your business and a professional social media presence adds credibility to your consultancy credentials. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews from satisfied clients either- an impressive testimonial posted on your website or your social media can offer a great, natural endorsement of your services. Your digital presence also offers the ideal opportunity for you to specifically target the clients who are most likely to employ your consultancy services. You can achieve this by encouraging your current followers to ‘like’ and share your content or by utilising paid ads to precisely target potential customers by age, location and interests.

  1. To provide quick customer service

    In our digital world, clients increasingly expect a swift and comprehensive reply to their comment, concern or query. For issues that don’t require a private or lengthy response, clients will expect to be able to direct their queries to you via your social platforms. In fact, contacting businesses through social media, rather than taking the longer step of sending an email or making a phone call is becoming ever more popular. Therefore, it’s important you use social media to stay on top of your client’s demands. Replying as promptly as possible to a tweet or query on your Facebook page will show your clients that you’re an efficient consultant who is focused on client satisfaction.

    Being able to easily keep in touch with you (obviously within reason) will encourage your clients to have confidence in your services and your ability to respond to their concerns. This is likely to have a positive impact on your consultancy’s success as not only will your current clients be incentivised to use your services again, they could recommend you to other potential customers.

  2. To present yourself as an expert

    Your clients are hiring your consultancy services for a reason. They need expert and professional advice in areas they’re inexperienced in and they rightly expect you to provide it. You can quickly gain new clients by using the power of social media to present yourself as an expert in your chosen field. This will encourage new customers to invest in your services by highlighting to them how employing an expert could advance their business. It doesn’t have to be a costly exercise either. You can simply use your phone’s camera to film short videos of yourself providing snippets of advice to potential clients and then post them to your company’s social media platforms.

    Be careful not to give too much useful advice away in your videos though- after all your goal is to encourage potential clients to employ your consultancy services! Add value for your social audience by giving them a few original, expert tips and follow this up with how your services can advance their knowledge and their business for the best results. Many professionals also hire consultants to identify and solve problems in their business. If this is where your area of expertise lies, focus on posting blog posts and videos highlighting your problem-solving abilities, to show how your consultancy can offer a solution to their issues.

Take a look at our infographic to discover which social media platforms you should invest your time in to advance your consultancy’s digital presence.