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4 tips and tricks to help improve your business twitter profile

by constructaquote - 16 March 2018


Twitter is a great business tool when you use it properly. You can use it to get your company name out there and gain new customers. But with over 500 million tweets written every day, your message can easily get lost amongst a variety of brands. So to help get your Twitter voice heard, try Quotatis’ top tips and tricks.

1. Get to know your audience

Think about what your audience wants to hear. If your audience is mainly business customers, they’re probably not going to want to hear about new trends for your product in domestic properties.
It’s easy to just report on the great work you’re doing – and that should definitely be a part of your social media strategy – but you also want to offer advice and tips for your audience that will help them see that you’re a knowledgeable and helpful tradesperson.

2. Set goals and base your tweets around them

Decide what you want to achieve with your Twitter account. Do you want to drive enquiries on your website? Or are you looking for replies and retweets to raise awareness of your business?
When you’ve decided what your aims are, write your tweets around them. Make sure you include pictures in most of your tweets as they get 47% more engagement than text-only tweets. Also consider adding a link to your website contact form to drive enquiries.

3. Take time to produce quality tweets

The length of a tweet was recently extended from 140 to 280 characters which removes the challenge to squeeze everything you want to say into one tweet. But now it means you can waffle on without considering whether your tweets are easy to read and eye-catching.

Ask yourself whether your tweets are:
• Informative
• Useful
• Unique
• Specific
• Simple
Make sure you check every tweet against this list before you publish it.

4. Proofread before you publish

It’s vital that you check your tweets for common mistakes before you publish. Make sure you proofread for things like spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Take just a minute to check before you hit the button to ensure that you come across in a professional manner.
You might find it useful to use a tool like Grammarly or Hemingway to help check your grammar or spelling.

Try these 4 tips and tricks and see how much you can improve your tweets. You’ll soon start seeing a growth in followers and engagement.
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