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Modified van insurance

Modified van insurance

by constructaquote - 1 June 2016


Van drivers are renowned for taking a lot of pride in their vehicles, and making a few alterations here and there is not unheard of.

From spoilers to paintwork; the market isn’t short on options, however the more unique your vehicle is, the higher your van insurance premium could be.

If you’re purchasing a van that already has modifications or if you are considering modifying your existing van, you will should always contact your insurer because they may need to re-assess the risk before providing you with adequate cover.

What is classed as a modification?

If you make any changes to your van after it has been manufactured this will be considered a modification and you should immediately contact your insurer to make sure that they can still provide adequate insurance to cover your vehicle.

Any significant changes that you make to your van whether that’s to alter performance or appearance will also be considered a modification.

Even something as innocuous as some paintwork is considered modification, though is unlikely to make a huge difference in your premium, but you will still need to inform your insurer.

Other changes such as replacing standard wheels with alloys, adding spoilers, internal racking or modifying the suspension are considered higher risk and are likely to result in an increased premium.

Why does it cost more?

Insurance is based on risk and the more unique your van is, the more expensive it is likely to be when it needs replacing or repairing in the event of a claim.

Most modifications carried out on vehicles are intended to make them faster and more powerful; from an insurance perspective this will increase the risk of accident and could therefore increase your premium.

Tinted windows, alloys and fancy paintwork may also make your van more attractive to thieves also making you more of a risk from an insurance perspective.

If you choose to modify your van halfway throughout your insurance term, it is essential that you contact your insurer because some do not offer cover for modified vans and your insurance could be voided in the event of a claim.

If you have any questions about modifications, you can speak to our specialists on 08081686868.

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