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Types of electricians and expertise

Different types of electricians and areas of expertise

by Lauren Evans - 10 September 2018


If you’re interested in becoming an electrician, then with the right training and knowledge there are a number of roles an electrician can do. From working in homes to being an installer, the range of jobs for electricians is vast.

What roles are there for electricians?

  • Domestic electrician – The most common type of electrician, domestic electricians usually work in people’s properties and small commercial buildings. Jobs can range from fuse changes and socket changes to full rewiring.
  • Installation electrician – Usually works on large projects as well as domestic homes and may involve installing systems such as fire protection, structure cabling, security, lighting and power. Installation electricians can work anywhere ranging from commercial buildings to construction sites.
  • Maintenance electrician – Maintenance electricians ensure that electrical systems and equipment is safe, effective and efficient. They can work anywhere from power grids, factory machinery to retail lighting systems.
  • Instrumentation electrician – This job entails specialists who test, fault find and repair large systems such as environmental control systems, heating and refrigeration.
  • Electrical machine repairer and rewinder – Skilled electronic machine repairers who are required to maintain and repair building machineries such as fans and compressors.  Rewinders are specialists who fix motor burns within pumps.
  • Electrotechnical panel builder – Using specialist programmable controllers, electric panel builders control panels that manage building systems such as air conditioning, ventilation and heating.
  • Highway systems electrician – These are trained labourers who work mainly with public electricity, such as street lighting and traffic lights.  
  • Auto electrician – If you’re someone who is interested in vehicles and their electric systems, being an auto electrician is a highly skilled area. This job usually involves using various types of computer-based repair tools to correct system failures in vehicles. Auto electricians can work on jobs involving issues such as engine management, drivetrain systems and drivability diagnostics.

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