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Social Media Marketing for Professional Consultants Ebook

by constructaquote - 24 August 2016


Professional Consultants
1 Social Media Marketing for Professional Consultants
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The important of a structured social media strategy
2. How to put your Social Media Strategy in Place
2.1. Content Creation
2.2. Content Curation
2.3. Engagement
2.4. Remember Mobile Strategy
2.5. Consider Automation
3. A Closer Look at your Social Media Strategy
3.1. Facebook
3.2. Twitter
3.3. LinkedIn
3.4. Other Social Platforms
3.5. Three Tools Which Can Help Your Social Strategy Succeed
4. Top Takeaways for Your Social Media Strategy
4.1. Embrace Automation
4.2. Mobilise
4.3. Choose Wisely
4.4. Remember Who You are Writing For


As a professional business consultant your talent is devising strategies, providing solutions and making suggestions for the benefit of other businesses. But what do you do to promote and push forward your own business? Social media marketing is an essential element of any professional consultant’s long-term growth and business strategy.

You are probably using social media for your business, but how successful is it? Do you generate consistent sales leads and find potential clients? Do you know which networks work best for your sector and do you know how to find those untapped sources of work that could be the secret to the next stage of your business? A strong and well-developed social media marketing strategy can transform your business.

Being a professional consultant doesn’t necessarily mean you are an expert marketer. And you don’t need to be either. But you really do need to get your head around social media and use it to get more business in. 92% of all marketers indicate that social media marketing is important for their business and American research suggests social media advertising revenue will reach $9.8bn this year. These kind of figures indicate the level of importance businesses are putting on social media, and if you have ambition to grow your business or find new business then your social presence matters.