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Taking care of yourself, your clients, and your business

Taking care of yourself, your clients, and your business.

by constructaquote - 18 February 2020


One of our policyholders, Kevin Wood, a painter and decorator from Aberdeen explains how public liability insurance has helped protect and grow his business.

Three years ago, Kevin Wood decided to quit the rat race and go self-employed so he could spend more time with his wife and child and reap the benefits of his own talent.

Kevin had built up his experience over nearly 30 years in the trade and while the leap to starting his own business might have initially been a bit nerve-wrecking, the move was better suited to his lifestyle…and his pocket.

“I’d built up a decent client-base over the years. You have to earn the trust of customers and the only way to do that is to do a good job at the right price. A lot of customers have paid less money for the work they want done – only to then call me to fix a job that someone else has done poorly. The reward for me after years of working as a painter and decorator is seeing a customer happy once a project is complete.”

Starting a new business is no easy task and with most new businesses, Kevin, is trying to make sure he grows his start-up one step at a time.

“Having Public Liability insurance is helping me grow my company as customers who haven’t worked with me before now have peace of mind knowing that I’m fully insured if something was to go wrong…and sometimes things do go wrong even with the best of intentions. Having this insurance in place as a safety net allows me to aim for work on bigger projects knowing that me and my customers are protected if there was an accident whether that be in somebody’s home or workplace.”

As for advice for others wanting to set up their own businesses, Kevin says: “Do everything one step at a time and keep it simple. Think positively and create a plan of your goals…oh, and make sure you have insurance in place as you just never know when you might need it.”

*Public Liability insurance is designed to cover your business if a claim is made against your business for injury to people, or damage to third party property.