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Quotatis tips for converting leads

Quotatis’ 5 top tips for converting job leads

by constructaquote - 31 January 2018


If you work in the home improvement or trade industry, you will know how important it is to react quickly to a job lead. You could be competing with other businesses, so you need to get in there fast.

Whether you get a lead through word of mouth, a newspaper ad or a lead generation service, we at Quotatis have put together some tips to help you convert your leads by impressing your customers and showing you’re the best person for the job.

1.      Call them quickly

As soon as you get a new enquiry, call the customer. If you haven’t got their phone number, reply to their email or message on social media straight away and ask for their phone number to arrange an appointment. The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that a competitor will get the job.

2.      Don’t stop at one call

If you don’t get through to the customer straight away, try calling back later. It might be that they can’t answer their phone at work or have another commitment at that time, so vary the time of day that you try to call.

You could also send an email or text if you have their information. Give them a reason to call you back to create a fear of missing out.

3.      Offer deals to keep ahead of the competition

January is a great time to run offers on your services, as customers are still on the hunt for sales after Christmas.

You could offer a discount to anyone who books in a certain time frame or give a small product or service away for free. Create a sense of urgency with a deal to encourage customers to act quickly.

4.      Devise a system to deal with enquiries

If you struggle to keep up with all the enquiries you get, see if you can come up with a strategy to help you deal with enquiries as they come in.

If you have a team, could you get one person to deal with phone calls, social media and emails as they come in? If you’re on your own, Quotatis can help you stay organised. Pick your jobs as they come in and call the customer straight away from inside our Smart App.

5.      Keep up to date online

Today, customers expect businesses to have a presence online. They trust customers with a

good website and social media accounts, so if you’re not online, make it a priority.

With Quotatis, you get your own Smart Profile to upload your company logo, photos of your work and a description of your business. Your ratings and reviews will show on your profile and you can link them to social media so your followers will know how great you are.

Follow these tips and see if you get an increase in the amount of leads you convert. And if you’d like to see how Quotatis can help your business, create a free account to see job enquiries in your area here. As a Constructaquote.com member, you can get 25% off.