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Renault Twizy next big thing

Could the Renault Twizy be the next big thing?

by constructaquote - 22 June 2016


Vans and cities just don’t get on. Vans are big and bulky, cities are crowded with narrow, clogged streets – finding a parking space is like winning the Euromillions! Well, now Renault believe they have found a solution with the smallest cargo vehicle around – the Twizy Cargo!

The Twizy? But it’s so small!

Yes, that was our response too, but believe it or not this tiny electrical whizz cart can accommodate loads of up to 75kg in its 180-litre boot! Renault took the rear seat out of the original Twizy in order to create this impressive cargo space that is accessible via the rear door. This tiny run-around could be the perfect solution for city-focused delivery companies, IT support or even food delivery drivers. In the tight, bustling city the Twizy is a godsend for finding parking, being able to squeeze into the smallest parking spots imaginable.

Clean running

Not only are these tiny vans, excellent for squeezing into hard-to-find parking, but as an electric car they have zero running emissions. London companies will be delighted to hear that they are exempt from congestion charges, making them much cheaper to run around the Big Smoke. Not only will this car be clean to run, but thanks to it being environmentally friendly it is also cheaper – no petrol cost, no road tax, no congestion charge, and low insurance rates. If you’re worried about electricity costs and long charging times you shouldn’t be – the Twizy can be fully charged in just 3 ½ hours for around £1, and that’s without the fast charging system!

How far can you go?  

The Twizy is not yet ready to completely take over the light commercial vehicle market, as they have a real-world range of around 50 miles. This limit means that it isn’t likely to be making any cross country trips any time soon, however it is an excellent vehicle for inner-city use. The little hauler is able to reach speeds of around 55mph, meaning that it is capable of taking on the A roads to make short out-of-city trips.

Buying it brand new?

If you’re looking to get a brand spanking new Twizy, (and why wouldn’t you?) then you could pick one up for as cheap as £6,241.67 without VAT – £7,795 with VAT but as a van this can be reclaimed. This may be a bit more expensive than some lower range city-vans, but you’ll soon see huge savings in the running costs. Best of all Renault are aiming to help push the Twizy to companies through their ‘Design Your Own Twizy’ scheme, which allows you to add the branding while the car is being manufactured – saving you time and cash in doing it later.

If you’ve been convinced and now plan on changing your individual city runner or even your entire fleet to the new Twizy Cargo then you should also consider van insurance. By using constructaquote you can get the best possible insurance deals for your new electric run-arounds, visit our website and find out today!