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Keep van safe thieves

Keep your van safe from thieves

by constructaquote - 22 June 2016


If you’re one of the millions of tradesmen across the country who depend on their van during the daily slog, you’ll know how badly you’d be affected if it were ever stolen or damaged by criminals.

Vans and vehicles are targeted as easy prey by criminals every day, who fancy getting their hands on the expensive kit that’s found inside.

So how can you safeguard your vehicle? Here are a few top tips to keep your van safe from thieves.

Get more locks

On top of the central locking systems that come with all vehicles, have you considered fitting more locks on to your van? From external locks that protect your wheel nuts or fuel tank to hidden interior deadbolts and gearstick locks, there are a variety of locks that can make your van a little tougher to get into.

Park wisely

It goes without saying that some areas are more likely to suffer car crime than others, so be sure to park in a well-lit parking area that’s nice and busy and your van will stay safe.

Vaults and safes

With gadgets and expensive technology more popular than ever with tradesmen, many find that the accessories inside a van are often more expensive than the actual automobile, and so keeping them away from harm is very important. To do this, installing small vaults and safes into a van is a great idea – ensuring that even if your van’s exterior is compromised, the thieves won’t be able to get their hands on your precious kit.

Drive safely

Many thieves decide to steal from a vehicle once they see an opportunity, so don’t give them the chance. By driving safely, you’re ensuring that your van is less likely to suffer any bumps or holes in the bodywork that could allow troublemakers the chance to get inside.

Install a tracker

Using a global positioning system, a tracker will be able to tell you where your vehicle is at all times – even if it’s stolen. This way, you’ll be able to be reunited with your stolen property, while if thieves see that you have a tracker installed, they’re sure to think twice about invading your vehicle.

Don’t forget, by taking measures to protect your van, you’re likely to save money on your van insurance too!